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3 Types Of Switchgear Circuit Breakers

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Many of the powerful machines utilized in production processes require access to an electrical current in order to operate properly. Multiple circuits may need to supply electricity to a single machine in order to provide enough power to run the machine over time.

Switchgears are pieces of equipment that combine control panels and circuit breakers to provide you with complete control over the various electrical currents powering your machines. Switchgear circuit breakers play a critical role in protecting your equipment from power surges, so having the right type of switchgear circuit breaker installed is vital.

Here are three models you can choose from when installing a new switchgear circuit breaker in your facility.

1. Oil Circuit Breakers

Some switchgear assemblies rely on oil circuit breakers to help control the flow of electricity through your circuits. An oil circuit breaker uses trace amounts of mineral oil to help disrupt electrical arcs in order to prevent an electrical current from flowing through your circuits and into valuable equipment.

Oil circuit breakers are among the first to be utilized in switchgear assemblies, and they help to insulate electrical arcs against sparking again once a disruption has been detected. This feature allows you to better protect your sensitive equipment from electrical damage in the future.

2. Air Circuit Breakers

Another common type of circuit breaker found in switchgear assemblies in the air circuit breaker. These circuit breakers are designed to disrupt the flow of electricity by utilizing a compressed puff of air to alter the path of an electrical arc.

As the compressed air comes into contact with the electrical arc running through the circuit breaker, the arc becomes elongated. Eventually, the arc will be blown out and electrical access to the circuit eliminated. Air circuit breakers can provide you with a reliable and effective way to control electrical currents over time.

3. Hybrid Circuit Breakers

If you are looking for a switchgear assembly that provides you with maximum control over electrical currents, then investing in a switchgear that features hybrid circuit breakers can be beneficial. Hybrid circuit breakers rely on both compressed air and hydrogen gas to eliminate electrical arcs.

These types of circuit breakers are extremely effective, but they feature a modular design that makes them perfect for incorporation into a smaller electrical control room.

Being able to understand some of the circuit breakers available on the market will help ensure that you invest in a switchgear assembly that will meet your electrical control needs in the future. Contact a company, like Enercon  Engineering Inc, for more help.