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3 Reasons To Consider An Infrared Roof Scan

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One of the best resources at your disposal if you believe that you may have a leaky roof for water damage associated with your roof is an infrared roof scan. Listed below are three reasons to consider an infrared roof scan.

Is Noninvasive

One of the biggest benefits provided by an infrared roof scan is the fact that it is noninvasive, which means that the contractor or inspector does not have to tear a hole in your roof in order to determine if there is a water leak or damage to your insulation. The reason for this is that the thermal imaging camera that infrared roof scans utilize detect differences in the temperature through your roofing material.

If an area of your roof shows up with a cooler temperature than the rest of your roof, then the contractor or inspector will know that there is likely water damage or a leak in that area. This is very useful as it means that you will not have to listen to someone tearing apart your roof for no actual reason as the only way the contractor will tear into your roof is if the thermal imaging camera picks up a cool spot that lets the contractor know that there is damage.

Can Show The Extent Of The Damage

Another reason to utilize an infrared roof scan is because it can show you the extent of the damage that your roof is experiencing. For example, if only a very small portion of the roof is showing a cool spot, it could be a sign that there is only a minor and isolated leak. In that situation, the contractor can quickly get to that spot and repair that leak before it has a chance to expand or damage other parts of your roof.

In addition, if the scan picks up a cool spot surrounded by slightly warmer spots around it, this can be a sign that the leak and water damage is slowly beginning to spread. At that point, you will want your contractor to get to repairs as quickly as possible because the expansion of the leak is already occurring.

Can Save You Money 

Finally, you will want to consider an infrared roof scan because it can actually save you money in the long run. One way that it can save you money is by allowing you to catch any potential damage as early as possible, mostly because the infrared roof scan may be able to pick up leaks that are too small for a contractor or inspector to pick up with the naked eye. This will allow you to have the repairs done when it is still a minor issue and is less expensive to repair.

Another way that an infrared roof scan can save you money is by cutting down on the amount of work that has to be performed in order to detect a potential leak. Since the infrared roof scan only takes a few minutes and does not require anyone to break into your roof, you will not have to pay for extensive labor costs if no leak is detected.

Contact a local roofing contractor, inspector, or water damage specialist, like one from Beach Infrared, today in order to discuss how an infrared roof scan can benefit you. An infrared roof scan is a great resource because it is noninvasive, can show you the extent of the damage to your roof, and can save you money in the end.