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Chores To Help You Prepare For Big Winter Storms That May Keep You In The House

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With winter here, soon there may be a storm and you want to be prepared. There is maintenance around your home to be done and things to check, such as fuel and food and water supplies. Being prepared for a harsh winter storm will ensure you can make it a few days stuck in your home due to the bad weather conditions. Here are some chores that need to be done to ensure you are prepared for any winter weather that comes your way:

1. Supplying Your Home with Fresh Water and Dry Food Supplies 

The water service to your home during a winter storm may be cut off. It is important that you have a fresh supply of water. Buy jugs of water and store them in a pantry for emergency situations. You need to have at least a week's supply of water or more. In addition to water, make sure your pantry is stocked with dry foods that will allow you to make meals while you are stuck in the house for a few days. Make sure you occasionally use these supplies and do not leave them in the pantry for years or decades.

2. Checking Fuel and Emergency Heating Solutions to Make Sure You Are Ready

In addition to water and food, fuel and heating is also important during winter weather. You may have an emergency generator or equipment to use around your home during a winter storm. Keep a couple of large gas cans stored with the fuel to get you by for a couple of days. In addition, make sure propane tanks are full and that you have emergency heating for the times when you may not have utilities or your conventional heating system.

3. Preparing an Emergency Winter Kit with First Aid and All the Essentials During Winter

Even when you are prepared for these situations, emergencies happen and you want to be prepared. Make sure you have an emergency kit for winter weather. In a closet, have supplies like medicines and blankets to keep warm. You also want to keep a few essential tools in the emergency kit, such as a knife, axe, hammer, radio, flashlight, and batteries. You can even add a solar charge to the kit to power your electronic devices.

Doing these chores will ensure your family is safe if you are stuck in your home for a few days due to winter weather. If you want to be prepared, contact a propane tank service, such as Northwest Propane LLC, to make sure you have the fuel you need to make it through the next winter storm.